The Creepy Crawlers of the CCR - Center for Ceramic Research (and no, they are not the students!)

By Jessica Teal

There are some big critters near Busch campus (Coyote Accounts) and it only follows they must snack on some big prey. As most of our native friends are omnivores, I"m sure that besides the garbage on Livingston Campus, their daily protein intake consists of some of the huge insect life that scurry about. Unfortunately, I don't eat insects. I don't really even like them, yet I have sat surrounded by them at my old office in the CCR. There was a literal nest of the hugest "million-leggers" (millipedes for you science folk) I have ever seen behind our fax machine in the office. we're talking hand-span size buggers. I accidently disturbed their nest one day, and what looked like hundreds stormed out for a full-scale attack on my office floor. Thinking quickly, I ran into the hall and flung open my professor"s door, hoping that the smell of rotten fig would lure them to their death in the pig-sty office next door. Alas, they instead fled directly out into the hall and proceeded to speed under the lab doors across the hall. I have often wondered what the fate of a mutant sized million-legger would be in a radiation lab? Can you say X-Millipede?!

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