Attention Hog - Aggressive Groundhog

By Ray Brennan

This account was relayed by Jami Lacerte as it was told to her, and it fits right in with some of the other aggressive animal accounts. It takes place in an unspecified dog park within the Rutgers Rarities coverage area.

One of the doctors I work with was at a dog park with her friend's dogs this past summer She saw a groundhog hanging out near the fenced in area where the dogs play so she figured she'd shoo it away as she approached it. When she attempted this, the groundhog turned to attack her. It chased her for a bit until her flip flop fell off. The groundhog grabbed the flip flop and took its aggression out on [the doctor's] shoe, ripping it to pieces. [The doctor] called the cops, assuming the groundhog had rabies and needed to be destroyed. Being unhappy with this, the groundhog stalked the cop car and attacked (yes, it attacked the car). Shortly thereafter, the cops killed the groundhog, which later did indeed test positive for rabies.

More details and interviews will be included as they are gathered. This is the first report of a rabid groundhog that the Rutgers Rarities team has encountered.

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