Brett Hall Bathroom Haunting

By Jessica Teal

The Rutgers Rarities Team received a lead about bathroom hauntings from a student who currently dorms in Brett Hall on College Avenue Campus. Brett Hall is located between the historic Bishop Hall and the not-so-historic Tinsley Hall (which apparently has an all-out dorm war/rivalry going on with Brett). Our contact at Brett told us that three times she encountered a female entity while using the women"s bathrooms on the third floor. This entity was young girl wrapped in a towel with dark hair who would walk past our source while she was using the sink late at night. The first encounter happened around 3:00 AM, while our friend was washing her face at the first sink and was startled by the outside door roughly swinging open "as if somebody kicked it" even though nobody was there. This seemed very weird to our friend who believed that she was the only one in the bathroom at that time. She thought she caught a brief glimpse of a figure rapidly passing through the bathroom, but when she checked, she was the only one in there. The second incident occurred again late in the evening, sometime after midnight, when again our source was startled at the sink by a quickly moving image in the mirror of a girl with dark hair wrapped in a towel walking towards the stalls and then disappearing. This second occurrence frightened the student very much, enough that she didn"t use the bathroom on the third floor again for several months. The third sighting was a similar occurrence - the student was again at the sink, alone and late at night when once more the same girl spirit/image/entity walked rapidly by and disappeared. Our friend was terrified at this third encounter and ran to her boyfriend"s room, vowing to never use the haunted bathroom again.

According to our source, the bathrooms in Brett have undergone a major overhaul this year and before the remodeling began the bathrooms were pretty shabby, with old wooden doors and dirty, mildewy stalls. Today they look sparkling clean - yet who knows what lurks beneath the space-age grout and sensor-matic sinks?

The eeriest part of this tale, for the RR Team at least, was not just the obvious sincerity of our source"s fright, but the amazing fact that it was the same entity- the same girl-image that kept appearing. This is something that the student insists upon- "it was exactly the same girl- she looked exactly the same each time". Our friend at Brett Hall hopes that somebody else may know something about ghosts in Brett Hall or may perhaps know the story behind this spirit"s lone wanderings. If you have any information or have any info to share on Brett Hall please contact us at [email protected]

In the meantime - Tinsley sucks!

Editorial Comment-The comment that Tinsley sucks does not reflect the opinion of the entire Rutgers Rarities team. As one member was a former resident, there was at least a time when Tinsley ruled and the current ruling status of Tinsley is unknown.

Current pictures of the third floor bathroom of Brett Hall after remodeling.

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