Graffiti Mecca: A Tribute (continued)

On the approach - coming face to face with the overpass last visited eight years ago.

Soon, we hit the first major gallery " the area that had haunted my memories for eight years " the base of the Route 18 overpass. The collection did not disappoint. Every pillar and every panel were decorated. The most amazing artwork was on the back wall. Three pieces stood out the most " a block head with a bird extending out from a hole in its head with the message "put the coo-coo back in the clock", a panel of four black and white faces drowning in a sea of black o's, and skeleton-like jellyfish creature with pointed ears and a halo around its head. There was also an image of Dracula on one of the pillars and a large tag of "snor". As the canal path continued, one of the black and white faces transitioned to the exit of the gallery. The tags became more vivid and complex " notably ones for "trip", "shome", "bored", "nj", "cocaine", "punk ass lawn boy" and renderings of beat up faces (images on previous page) " all of this leading up to the main gallery " the Graffiti Mecca.

The saga continues...

Retracing steps back up the overpass - much less scary during the day.

A view from the top of the first set of stairs and from the bottom of the second.

Views up and down Route 18; the final walkway to Diener Park locked up much tighter now than it was back in the day.

At the base of the stairwell under the overpass is the first major gallery. A pillow shows evidence of a security guard who undoubtedly protects these priceless works.

This gallery includes the angel skull, the count, and the black-and-white zombies among others.

More shots of the overpass gallery including a large tag from snor.

The saga continues...

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