Graffiti Mecca: A Tribute (continued)

A widescreen look back at the Graffiti Mecca wall-of-fame.

Graffiti Mecca is the mural of the story " the big show " the Louvre of urban street art. Crews travel from far and wide to tag their masterpieces " All Kings Baby (AKB) straight out of the twin cities - Minneapolis Minnesota - repping logik with much respect to true54, monk, eros, and emer. sh (seeking heaven) crew outta helL-A coast2coast westside repping swank. London calling snor with that UK flava. Leon Rainbow, the mastermind from Trenton with some serious tags. keger repping LA and NJ. More psychedelic shiznit from bored. wobniar as recently as 2005. A tribute to the legendery nace. These were only a few of the main ones that could be deciphered, but there were many more names behind the art. This was the real deal " no joke " outstanding, mind-blowing - sick tags, ghostly images " a fusion of styles. These pieces speak for themselves and it would be unjust to describe them with words the way they describe themselves visually. The Mecca appears to be a place that stands as its own tribute to the art form. RR has nothing but respect for the artists and visionaries who expressed their creativity to make the Mecca a living, breathing entity unto itself. We are fortunate to have witnessed Graffiti Mecca first hand and pay homage to the collection of artists who have assembled such a work of genius. Respect.

The beginning of Graffiti Mecca with some unidentified works - the creature in the third panel reminiscent of some of the styles from the overpass gallery.

Some tags that are believed to be from the sh - seeking heaven - crew, our brothers from the west side out in l.a., cali - sh tags are found throughout the Mecca and swank is thought to have made his mark. The ghostly green goblin stands out due to its intense psychadelic color.

Three tags from the legends - logik from the akb crew, snor from across the pond, and NJ local mastermind rainbow - all in the heart of the Mecca and all insane.

Some more shots of the massive rainbow mural - trumpets blaring.

Some more tags right in the heart of it - the akb crew, the anomaly dery, and a joking message to rainbow.

More akb and one from keger as the journey continues along the Mecca.

An amazing tribute to dad, possibly from rainbow, an interesting unidentified tag, and a mind-bending masterpiece from bored.

A character talking up wobniar 2005, some sick pacmen, and an unknown tag.

Another giant rainbow masterpiece with his version of the statue of liberty - paint brush and can in hand - and a deep message that ponders art vs. prohibition - discuss.

A tribute to the one and only - the local product and one of the greatest of all time - nace - R.I.P. - one of many tributes throughout the area and the world - in full stereo sound on the Graffiti Mecca; another sh tag and some more pacman imagery - with teeth.

Just off the mecca - a tribute to danny, an unknown tag, and another sh crew tag.

One of the last tags at the outskirts of the Mecca; at the end of the Mecca - why - the canal path leads back out to Route 18 southbound - the exit to the gallery.

©Rutgers Rarities and Unexplained Phenomena, 2005