College Avenue Campus Map

Alexander Library - Wee Man the Librarian Hardenbergh Hall - Misty Vapors of Hardenbergh Hall Graduate School of Education (GSE) - Stick Throwing Lunatic; Mysterious Sounds, Foaming Bat, Giant White Rat Streets of College Avenue - Aggressive Squirrels Old Queens - Grey Lady of Old Queens Murray Hall - Roof Access Investigation Ford Hall - Underground Tunnel Investigation Willie the Silent Statue - Investigation James Suydam Statue - Investigation

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D14 - Alexander Library: Wee Man the Librarian
E14 - Hardenbergh Hall: Misty Vapors Arising in Womens' Bathroom
F16 - Graduate School of Education (GSE): Stick-Throwing Lunatic in GSE Parking Lot
F16 - Graduate School of Education (GSE): Mysterious "Herd of Elephants" and "Passell of Children" Stomping Around Otherwise Empty Top Floor After Midnight
F16 - Graduate School of Education (GSE): Giant White Rat
F16 - Graduate School of Education (GSE): Foaming Bat
F16 - Ford Hall: Underground Tunnels Investigation
F16 - Willie the Silent Statue: Investigation
F16 - James Suydam Statue: Investigation
F17 - Streets of College Avenue: Aggressive Squirrels
G16 - Murray Hall: Roof Access Investigation
G17 - Old Queens: Grey Lady of Old Queens

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