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College Avenue Campus

Busch Campus

Livingston Campus

Cook-Douglass Campuses

Covering several towns throughout Middlesex County, including New Brunswick and Piscataway, Rutgers University boasts of five separate campuses within close proximity - College Avenue Campus, Busch Campus, Livingston Campus, Cook Campus, and Douglass Campus. The College Avenue Campus area lies in the heart of New Brunswick, a city (of sorts) with popular local watering holes and various hang-outs. New Brunswick itself is the health center of NJ, with two major hospitals, Robert Wood Johnson and St. Peter's. It is also a popular connection to the Big Apple, 45 minutes by NJ Transit trains. The campus is the original site of Queens College from which the University originated, so there are many historic buildings and landmarks. Of interest to Rutgers Rarities are some of the scattered cemeteries and old administrative buildings and housing facilities. Busch Campus, located in Piscatway, is the center of science and medicinal studies, with engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, statistics, and mathematics buildings, as well as the UMDNJ school of medicine and dentistry. Rutgers Rarities recognizes Busch Campus as a site for strange animal sightings in the dead of night, when only nocturnal graduate students habitate the eerily quiet region. Livingston Campus has a few landmarks, including the Rutgers Athletic Center, the Livingston Recreation Center, and the School of Business, but its desolate surroundings and shady residents give it the reputation as the Ghetto of Rutgers. For Rutgers Rarities, it is a danger zone, especially after dark, where coyotes have been known to terrorize the area. Cook Campus specializes in agricultural and animal studies, so there is an abundance of farmland and a multitude of cows, horses, and pigs. Rutgers Rarities associates Cook with animal experiments gone wrong. Historically, Douglass is the first college exclusively for women. The beautiful natural landscapes and scenic areas such as Passion Puddle make Douglass the most pleasant of campuses, but Rutgers Rarities is not fooled by this facade of innocence.

Maps of the five campuses are provided, with Rutgers Rarities logos marking specific sites of interest. Tales of these locations can be found in the Incidents, First-Hand Accounts, and Stories section.

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