Jessica Teal

Title: Rutgers Rarities & Unexplained Phenomena Co-Creator, Co-Investigator, & Co-Author
Birthdate: May 18, 1977
Hometown: Piscataway, NJ
Education: BA Douglass College, English
Work History: Rutgers University, Department of Ceramic & Materials Engineering, NJ Center for Biomaterials, Graduate School of Education

Jessica Teal has been a student and staff member of Rutgers University since July, 1999. She currently works in the Department of Materials Science Engineering and is enrolled in the Labor Studies Graduate Program at the School of Managment & Labor Relations.

Many of the stories and accounts on this website were obtained through Jessica's 7+ year association with Rutgers University and the surrounding communities. Having grown up in Piscataway & South Plainfield, Jessica also has extensive knowledge of the geography, history and local legends of Middlesex County and Central Jersey.

While hardly an expert, Jessica prides herself on her insatiable curiousity and dedication to seeking out the unusual at Rutgers. From unicorn sightings to ghostly orbs to EVP's, Jessica's undying interest in unexplainable phenomena has been the fuel for many of the Rutgers Rarities adventures documented on this site. Often coined as the "believer" or "Mulder" of the RR Team, Jessica is always ready to hear a new tale of the bizarre at Rutgers or creep around an old building on campus after midnight. She'll even try to lure the coyotes on Livingston out of their dens with raw meat- despite serious misgivings from RR Co-Investigator Ray. Her favorite RR investigation thus far has been the University Inn account where the most extreme phenomenal experience to date was experienced by both members of the Team at the same time.

You can e-mail Jessica at [email protected]

Ray Brennan

Title: Rutgers Rarities & Unexplained Phenomena Co-Creator, Co-Investigator, Web Master & Co-Author
Birthdate: November 4, 1977
Hometown: Middletown, NJ
Education: BS Rutgers University, Engineering, BA Rutgers University, Psychology, MS Rutgers University Ceramic & Materials Engineering
Work History: Rutgers University, Department of Ceramic & Materials Engineering

Little is actually known about the enigmatic and mysterious Ray Brennan. Rarely seen by day and often lurking in the shadows by night, Ray is the more silent, sober and darker part of the RR Team. Acknowledged as the technical expert of the RR Team, Ray has consistently maintained the website and all investigatory equipment (excepting Jessica's audio recorder) smoothly and efficiently.

Much like a quiet, well-oiled machine, Ray is steadfast, reliable & unconcerned with the "human" aspect of the Rutgers Rarities project. A skeptic by nature, Ray is most interested in documenting the instances when a logical explanation cannot be sought by any means. Entranced by full moons, subterranean tunnels, unsolved historical mysteries and puzzling engimas, Ray is also enigma unto himself- and he is very happy to keep it that way.

You can e-mail Ray at [email protected]

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