Rutgers Rarities Satellite Images

The following images are views of many of the Rutgers Rarities locations including those from both accounts and investigations. These amazing shots were collected from Google Earth, an amazing tool for visualizing aerial landscapes throughout the world. click on the images to go to the accounts and investigations for each site.

A long distance view of New Jersey, giving a general idea of the Rutgers Rarities locations at and around Middlesex County.

A view of the Rutgers Rarities coverage area

Click on each location to see the satellite image.

Alexander Library Arbor Trail Bishop Hall Bound Brook Battle Site Brett Hall
Buccleuch Mansion Colonial Park Fitz-Randolph Cemetery Ford Hall Giant Rabbits
Graffiti Mecca Graffiti Mecca Stairwell Graduate School of Education Henry Guest House Reverend Hall House
Highland Park Industrial Site John B. Smith Hall Little Theater Livingston Barracks Log Cabin
Loree Bowling Alley Merriwood Castle Metlar-Bodine House Middlesex Sampling Plant Murray Hall
Music Building and Annex New Brunswick Churches Old Queens Pig Rats Raritan Castle
Runyon Cemetery Schanck Observatory St. Andrews Cemetery Suydam Statue Tillet Hall
Union Carbide University Inn Van Wickle House Vorhees Chapel Waksman Institute
Walters Hall Washington Rock Willie Statue Willow Grove Cemetery Winery

Alexander Library

Library on College Avenue in New Brunswick and site of the Wee Man account.

Arbor Trail

Arbor trail behind University Inn on Douglass where unidentified bones were discovered.

Bishop Hall

Building in New Brunswick investigated by the RR Team.

Bound Brook Battle Site

South Bound Brook Battle site explored by Rutgers Rarities.

Brett Hall

Residence in New Brunswick and site of women's bathroom hauntings.

Buccleuch Mansion

Historic mansion in New Brunswick under investigation by RR Team.

Colonial Park

Park in Franklin where strange photos were captured by Rutgers Rarities.

Fitz-Randolph Cemetery

Small cemetery in Piscataway located at the high school.

Ford Hall

Graduate residence on College Avenue in New Brunswick which was investigated for underground titles.

Giant Rabbits Location

Site of giant rabbits located behind the maintenance building next to University Inn.

Graffiti Mecca

Site of Graffiti Mecca along Delaware-Raritan canal path on the Raritan River in New Brunswick.

Graffiti Stairwell

Site of graffiti gallery under stairwell between Route 18 and canal path in New Brunswick.

Graduate School of Education

RR hotspot in New Brunswick and site of bat attacks, stick-wielding lunatic, strange noises, and strange animals.

Guest House

Historic site on Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick in front of Willow Grove Cemetery.

Reverend Hall House

23 Nichol Avenue on Douglass campus and former residence of Reverend Hall of Hall-Mills Unsolved Murder fame.

Highland Park Former Industrial Site

Abandoned industrial site in Highland Park.

John B. Smith Hall

Former site of Department of Entomology in New Brunswick before demolition.

Little Theater

Haunted theater off Nichol Avenue on Douglass Campus in New Brunswick.

Livingston Barracks

Soon-to-be demolished barracks from former site of Camp Kilmer on Livingston Campus in Piscataway.

Log Cabin

Historic Log Cabin at Rutgers Gardens in New Brunswick.

Loree Bowling Alley

Hidden basement bowling alley in Loree on Douglass Campus in New Brunswcik.

Merriwood Castle

Historic castle in hills of Highland Park across from Johnson Park.

Metlar-Bodine House

Haunted Mettlar-Bodine house on River Road in Piscataway.

Middlesex Sampling Plant

Former plant in Middlesex used for storing and processing of materials used for developing nuclear bomb in Manhattan Project.

Murray Hall

Building on College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick investigated for classroom with possible roof access.

Music Building and Annex

Site on Douglass Campus in New Brunswick where watchman's box was located by RR Team.

New Brunswick Historic Churches

Historic churches and graveyards investigated in New Brunswick.

Old Queens

Historic building on College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick and site of Grey Lady hauntings.

Cook Farm Pig Rat Strange Noises

Farm site on Cook Campus in North Brunswick where strange animal sounds were heard by RR Team.

Raritan Castle

Mysterious castle in Raritan on former site of Duke Estates.

Runyon-Stelle Cemetery

Historic Runyon-Stelle Cemetery in Piscataway.

Schanck Obervatory

Observatory next to Kirkpatrick Chapel and across from Johnson and Johnson in New Brunswick.

St. Andrew's Cemetery

Two views of giant Ukranian Cemetery and Tower in South Brunswick that expands back to Route 287.

Suydam Statue

Statue on Seminary Place in New Brunswick.

Tillet Hall

Building on Livingston Campus in Piscataway and site of former suicide.

Union Carbide

Site of former factory in Middlesex investigated by Rutgers Rarities.

University Inn

Top RR hotspot on Douglass Campus in New Brunswick and site of third floor hauntings.

Van Wickle House

Historic haunted Van Wickle house in Franklin.

Vorhees Chapel

Chapel on Douglass Campus in New Brunswick investigated by RR Team.

Waksman Institute

Tower of Waksman Institute on Busch Campus in Piscataway explored by Rutgers Rarities.

Walters Hall

Building on Douglass Campus in New Brunswick with second floor observer.

Washington Rock

Historic overlook in Greenbrook.

Willie the Silent Statue

Statue in Vorhees Mall in New Brunswick known for whistlig at virgins.

Willow Grove Cemetery

Historic New Brunswick Cemetery frequented by Rutgers Rarities.

The Winery of Bound Brook

Haunted Winery in Bound Brook investigated by the RR Team.


Strange community in Zarephath explored by Rutgers Rarities.

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