Special Focus - Possible Phenomena Captured on Video at Rutgers!

Welcome to Rutgers Rarities and Unexplained Phenomena. This website will be used as a platform to document the rare occurrences and strange phenomena that occur at or near Rutgers University - predominantly in the New Brunswick and Piscataway areas. In addition to providing first-hand accounts and posting recollections of people who have experienced some unusual things on the banks of the old Raritan, investigations and interviews will be conducted by the dauntless Rutgers Rarities team to uncover the Truth behind the legends and lore of this unique area. The deep-rooted history of this region is truly remarkable. From the pre-colonial days of the Lenni Lenape indians to the modern day urban university setting, our team has gathered items of interest as well as a list of influential factors that may help explain some of the oddities that occur regularly in the area.

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Update - 03/05/09 - Rutgers Rarities is still alive and kicking! The web site is going to be revamped! Check back soon for updates. -Jessica
Update - 12/5/06 - Rutgers Rarities Podcast Link added - Haunted New Jersey Podcast #43. The Rutgers Rarities Team was interviewed for Haunted New Jersey's latest Podcast. Special thanks to our friends Al and Garrett for the opportunity to talk about our explorations and investigations.
Update - 11/24/06 - Account added - Paranormal House Call.
Update - 10/14/06 - Account added - Douglass Biology Building Phenomena.
Update - 10/13/06 - Account added - Secret Tunnels of Blake Hall.
Update - 10/12/06 - Account added - The Legend of Woodlawn.
Update - 10/11/06 - Account added - The Active Walls of Demarest Hall.
Update - 10/10/06 - Account added - Abandoned Village of Feltville.
Update - 10/9/06 - Investigation added - Cook Flower Shed Investigation.
Update - 10/6/06 - Account added - McKinney Hall Haunting.
Update - 10/5/06 - Investigation added - Bishop Hall Investigation.

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If anyone has pertinent accounts that may be of interest to Rutgers Rarities in the Rutgers community, New Brunswick, NJ, Piscataway, NJ, or areas in close proximity (South Plainfield, NJ, North Brunswick, NJ, Highland Park, NJ, East Brunswick, NJ, Bound Brook, NJ, Edison, NJ), please send an e-mail to [email protected] and look for further submission details as well as a disclaimer below. If anyone has ideas about interesting sites for investigations in these areas, also let us know. Feel free to leave comments in the guestbook and sign up for our mailing list as well. We will continuously be updating the accounts and investigations sections as more stories and leads come in, so check back often. Thank you for visiting Rutgers Rarities and Unexplained Phenomena!

Startled by a unicorn (or possibly an albino deer) grazing at Passion Puddle? Approached by a madman throwing sticks in Lot 16 on CAC? Hearing spooky noises in your TA's office/closet? Plagued by the carnivorous skunks of Douglass Campus? Tell us about it! Rutgers Rarities and Unexplained Phenomena is looking for your accounts of any strange incidences or occurrences at Rutgers University or within the immediate surrounding geographic areas. All first-hand accounts, second-hand stories, legends & lore are welcome " but remember - we are dedicated to the Truth and posting genuine, credible encounters. If you have pics to support your tale, even better! And remember, we have seen the unexplainable " we know where you're coming from!!!

Important " Please note the following:
All submissions will be considered for posting on the Rutgers Rarities website. Electronic submissions must be sent virus"free in a Word, PDF or RTF format. All accompanying pictures must be in .jpg format. Please indicate the following on your submission:
1. Permission to post story on website (simple sentence such as "I give permission to post this story on the Rutgers Rarities website")
2. What name, alias or pseudonym (or anonymous) you would like posted with your story
Also, please kindly use appropriate language in submission. Any obscenities will be removed before posting.

Submissions can be sent to the following:
E-mail: [email protected]

While this website was created to examine and collect stories about the phenomena, both natural and supernatural, that occurs within the Rutgers- New Brunswick/Piscataway community, Rutgers Rarities and its creators cannot be held responsible for the credibility or validity of the stories and subject matter contained. While we strive for authenticity and credible sources of information, it is very possible that any of our textual content can be regarded as fiction. We also would like to stress that we do not advocate or encourage any acts of trespassing on any Rutgers University property or other private properties. Trespassing is illegal and punishable by New Jersey law.

Again, the intent of Rutgers Rarities is simply to collect and examine the legends and lore surrounding this diverse and fascinating university community. Any opinions expressed on this website are not to be in any way associated with Rutgers University.

We thank you for your interest in Rutgers Rarities and welcome any questions or concerns regarding this site.

[email protected]

Somewhere between reality and imagination lies a Truth that is both unknown and inexplicable. Curiosity is a natural response to that which cannot be explained, as is the tendency to assign a cause to justify an effect. If everything does happen for a reason, a certain discomfort stems from that which is unknown, and it is not within the bounds of human nature to resist asking the simple but powerful question "Why?". While it is tempting to build bridges between the two worlds of the tangible and the intangible, some mysteries are better left unsolved. The Greeks warn of the whispers from Pandora's box, as does Aesop in his tale of "The Hare and the Fox", and it has long been said that curiosity maimed the feline. Despite the strong cautions, it seems that resistance is futile, so take a walk with us, if you will, along the edge of reason. However, there are rules to follow along the way. Before you enter this world of unexplained phenomena, check your judgements, your stereotypes, your prejudices, your logic at the door. Do not try to make sense of everything, for your journey will end before it begins, either in a pit of frustration, an abyss of confusion, or a pool of denial. Truth is an entity that exists whether you grasp it or not. By opening your mind and accepting that the known and the unknown co-exist in harmony on this Earth, and on occasion overlap, and sometimes even collide, you have taken the first step in uncovering this Truth - not your truth, not someone else's version of the truth, but the Truth itself. This Truth is not meant to be understood, but to be recognized and accepted. Let us discover this Truth together.

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